Get Your Juice On

Happy New Year, HerDaily!

I love the start of the year because it reeks of beginning – and for a girl with OCD like myself, that means its a fresh start, a chance to be better, or in most of our cases – continue the trend of being fabulous. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t over indulge over the holidays and party our @sses off on New Years Eve!
Lets cleanse those toxins out of our body (although I HATE calling champagne a toxin – it just doesn’t seem right for such a bubbly delicious substance!) with some healthy juicing.

This video covers the start of my juicing journey and finishes with 2 of my favorite juice recipes – one perfect for detoxing and the other to boost your immunity (dare I say cold/flu season is upon us?) These two recipes will have you back on track and feeling good in no time at all! See you beauties in the next one!

Juicing by herdaily

xo, MissYarmosh

Rachel Yarmosh


Rachel Yarmosh is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, world traveler, fitness junkie, and coffee addict. When she's not busy emptying her bank account on fancy lattes and makeup in pretty packaging, you can find her running, filming for her channel, under a palm tree reading a good book, or playing with her chocolate Pomeranian, Godiva. New York made, SoCal packaged - follow her adventures at