6 Ways to Snap Out of Your a Fitness Rut

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We are barely fifteen days into the new year, are you already hitting your New Year resolution wall? Yikes, we know we are. If you’re in a certified fitness rut and can’t motivate yourself to get out of your cozy, Netflix binge watching bed (I don’t blame you), then it’s time for an intervention to break out of this rut and get back on track!


Switch It Up  

Falling into a rut, or a place where you cannot muster, literally, any motivation toward an already established goal, might indicate you’re bored and it’s time to switch it up. This can be as simple as creating a new playlist or as drastic as joining a new gym.

If you’re used to running everyday, think about trying yoga or kickboxing twice a week to add variation. Getting different muscles moving and finding a new fitness routine will help you fall in love with your goal all over again. If you want to try out a new class, many gyms offer your first class for free, or you can head over to Groupon for killer deals on tons of boutique style gym classes.

Think in Small Goals

Spilling to someone that you’re going to run a marathon this year might make you feel great in the moment, but the actual task of training (let alone knowing where to start) is pretty intimidating. Big goals are often scary and don’t offer a guide for where to start.

When dealing with this, find smaller goals to help you along the way. For example, focus on dropping a couple pounds this month. Don’t think about the daunting 40 pounds you want to lose before your brother’s wedding. Every time you achieve a small goal, it will build your confidence and motivation!

Reward Yourself

On the journey to your larger goal, give yourself a pat on the back and maybe a few rewards. For example, I desperately need new running shoes, but I won’t reward myself with them until I prove I can stick to my training plan for at least a month. See how that works?

Try to reward yourself with things that align with your larger goal. For example, don’t reward your healthy eating for a few weeks with ice cream for dinner the next 10 days…Instead, reward yourself with froyo one night. It’s a healthier compromise that will satisfy your sweet tooth craving!

Get Digital

Fitness apps have made the world a better place. With apps like Fitbit, Lose It!, Nike+ Running and countless others, it’s easier than ever to track, train, and find a supporting community for your fitness goals! It’s just a few taps away.

Use these apps to your advantage and find the right ones for you! Fitbit is a great way to track your steps taken throughout the day. Plus, you can challenge your friends and family to meet certain step goals (hello healthy competition!). LoseIt! or Weight Watchers can help track your calorie intake and be an eye opener on portion sizes. Then with Nike+ Running or My Fitness Pal, you can track your exercises or runs as you train. These apps are awesome to track progress as you body gets stronger!

Put Reminders Everywhere

If things tend to slip your mind, there’s no shame in needing a reminder, or ten, to keep yourself on track. Tried and true methods include vision boards, penciling it in on your calendar, setting alarm reminders or even posting a sticky note on your mirror.

Whatever you do, make sure that wherever you look, you’re reminded of your goal. Even turn the people you love into walking reminders. Tell them about your latest goal and I bet they’ll ask you how it’s going the next time you chat.

Find Social Support

Use the forces of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow some of your favorite and most inspirational fitness gurus. When you’re mindlessly trolling your Twitter feed and Jillian Michaels tweets about her latest workout, it will give you a swift kick in the bottom to get your workout on.

Social media, and even TV shows, are a great way to connect with individuals with similar goals and motivate you on your journey. With January being a peak resolution time, TV shows like The Biggest Loser, Sweat Inc, My Diet is Better Than Yours and Fit to Fat to Fit are taking over primetime.
Did I miss something? What are your favorite ways to break out of a fitness rut? Share your tips below! 

Jackie Thomas

Jackie graduated Rutgers University and currently works at an internship, turned big girl job (yes, that really happens!) at The Wall Street Journal. As a Springsteen loving Jersey girl, she loves to run, write, waste money at happy hour with her best friends and obsess over the latest episode of The Bachelor.