Why You’ve Got to Try Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, otherwise known as “spinning” is one of the fastest growing and trdiest ways to exercise. Not only does indoor cycling offer many physiological and bio-medical benefits, like improving cardiovascular health, strength training, and weight management – it’s also super fun.
Brands like SoulCycle and Cycle House have become famous due to their cult-like following; both men and women seem to religiously flock to cycling classes to get fit. In addition to being a great form of exercise, spin classes can also be a good way to keep up with the latest music and socialize with beautiful people. On top of that, 45 minutes gets you to burn 500+ calories! There is an array of different versions of cycling classes, so you are sure to find the perfect one.
Indoor cycling is an awesome cardio workout, which helps build stamina and burns hundreds of calories in a short period of time. Because much of the workout depends on the resistance you put on your bike you can pick and choose exactly how challenging of a routine you want to do.
Many studios offer Beginner Cycling classes, during which instructors guide you through everything, from setting up your bike correctly for your height, to ensuring you’ve got the correct form and posture while riding. You’ll need to arrive a few minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork, some cycling studios even ask that you sign up for classes online to guarantee a spot. Bring water, a towel, and be ready to sweat!
Indoor cycling isn’t just a workout, it’s an experience. Much like with Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as “hot yoga,” your body and mind will be pushed to the limit. The heat, physical challenge, and communal energy all work together to help you tone your muscles, reduce stress, lose weight, and even increase your energy.
Sometimes choosing the right instructor is even more important than the studio itself. More often than not, your instructor will not only dictate your class’ music selection, but also the pace and physical strain of the routine. Make sure to check out online reviews and even Yelp pages to find an instructor that you respond to. Some lead class like drill sergeants, while others are happy to allow you to go at your own pace. Don’t be afraid to try as many classes and instructors as it takes to find one that works for you.
Though cycling shoes are recommended to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to spinning, they’re not a required accessory. Studies show that some users may get up to 30% more from their workouts by wearing cycling shoes. But alas, don’t stress about saving up the funds for a pair because most studios offer shoes to rent in studio, for a fraction of the price. Also, make sure to wear comfortable leggings or other workout wear like shorts and tank tops, so you’re not too hot and your clothes don’t snag on the bike.
So whether you’re in perfect shape or not, head to a cycling class and challenge yourself with a new exercise routine. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after your workout, go at your own pace, and let the music motivate you to move!

Carolyn Molina

Carolyn Molina is a writer born and raised in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing she’s playing cards at a dive bar, cooking savory meals at home, or listening to her favorite podcasts.