4 Fitness Gadgets To Keep You On The 2016 Health Wagon

We’re already a month into 2016…can you believe it? As January rolls on and life returns to normal, with the exception of reminding yourself to put a “six” at the end of each date, it’s easy to let your resolutions slip. Odds are, the very first resolution to get tossed out the window involves your waistline, and overall fitness goals. Well, before you call 2016 another resolution-broken wash, here are four cool fitness-related gadgets to help keep you on the happy train to better living:

Fitlosophy: Sure, there are plenty of tech-focused gadgets out there that can track your steps, your bites, or coach you via app on how to improve your exercise form. All of these tech products are great and give us some much needed information and goal-setting abilities, but sometimes it’s important to embrace the oldies, but goodies. Fitlosophy offers a great line of fitness journals. They’re cute, handy, inspired, and a perfectly LoFi way for you to track what you’re eating and how you’re working out. A FitBook is a great thing to throw in your purse or work bag. Keep yourself honest and constantly working towards your own fitness goals by using this journal. Fitlosophy also offers a bunch of neat fitness-related products. My personal favorite is the Snackstak. With four portion-controlled compartments, you can bring your snacks on the go without overindulging.


SmartMat: If you’re a true yoga enthusiast, the SmartMat is exactly what you need to take your practice to another level. This mat, which calibrates itself specifically to your body, reads how your hands and feet are placed on the mat. Through an app, the mat will help you correct your positions and better distribute your weight to improve your practice. As I’m not the best with at-home yoga, sans instructor and class atmosphere, a tool like SmartMat completely changes my yoga game. You can easily practice in the comfort of your home, but still get valuable information and instruction with your workout.

Umoro: Umoro takes workout water bottles to the next level.This BPA-free bottle holds water like a champ and when you’re ready to turn the water into a protein-rich, supplement-filled drink, you can do so with the push of a button. Neat, right? The top of the water bottle is a separate compartment that can hold about one heaping scoop of protein powder. When you’re ready, with the push of a button your water becomes a much needed pre-workout protein shaker. If you’re constantly on the go, this bottle provides much needed convenience, helping you get from the gym, to the office.Umoro

HAPIfork:  Doctors and nutritionists always tell patients that eating slower leads to better health. When you eat slowly, your body has time to digest and you’ll recognize you’re full faster. In a nutshell, eating slowly and with intention leads to better health, fewer digestive issues, and less overeating. If you struggle to eat slowly once a tasty meal is placed in front of you, try the HAPIfork. This electronic fork is designed to monitor your eating habits. If you’re eating too fast, it will alert you with lights and subtle vibrations so you know to take it easy. The fork can track how long it takes you to eat a meal and how many bites you take so you can continually review your progress. They also offer coaching programs if you need a little extra inspiration.


Try out these health helpers, and don’t give up on those New Years resolutions!

Eavie Porter

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