Don’t Hit Snooze, Join the Morning Movement Daybreaker

In a downtown Los Angeles building that looks like it has seen better days, electronic beats drift out the open windows into the streets as bass thumps away, creating excitement amongst those rushing in. Lights flash as party goers adorned in dresses and headpieces, reminiscent of the prohibition era, enter the building. Walking up the stairways they are greeted by a sun drenched loft with a wide dance floor and a group of fellow patrons grooving to music with more BPM than most people would deem acceptable before 10pm. Only it’s not; it’s 6:30 am, and the large bay windows look out at a city that is just barely waking up. Welcome to Daybreaker.

 What is Daybreaker?

Daybreaker is more than a party, it’s a “morning movement.” Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal are NYC residents, and founders of the innovative “workout.” They saw an opportunity to create a new kind of morning experience that could replace grudgingly hitting the snooze button ten times, with music, dance, and community. The first event of its kind took place in New York and has since expanded exponentially. Currently in: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Atlanta. But soon Seattle, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. will have the opportunity to get their recommended dose of good vibes, bi-monthly. They are simultaneously working on expanding internationally.

Each event starts out with one hour of yoga and if you nama-stay (sorry had to) then you get to experience the two-hour dance party that follows. Here, vodka sodas are replaced with cold brew coffee and orange juice, and drunken pizza with healthy breakfast treats, like acai bowls. Matthew and Radha wanted to create the exhilarating atmosphere and stimulating energy of a nightclub, but without the usual participants, booze and drugs, creating a healthy and positive way to start your day. According to Cosmopolitan, dancing can burn almost 450 calories an hour; you’ll rarely find a calorie torching workout that allows you step away from the treadmill and have a hell of a better time.

Daybreaker 1920's Valentine PartyChristine Duff | Her Daily
Daybreaker 1920’s Valentine Party

Good Vibes Only

As the party is coming to an end, outside the windows cars are people fill the streets – the work day has officially begun. The DJ asks everyone to come together on the floor and take a seat. He speaks about positivity and how we have the power to take control of our days, our actions, and our lives. High on endorphins and boatloads of caffeine, the room erupts into applause. Everyone is given a card that reads, “Do what matters most.” It’s short and simple, yet it’s words carry an big impact in just five syllables. The purpose of Daybreaker is to yes, have a fun, albeit unconventional morning workout, but also to come together as a community and just celebrate together. Celebrate ourselves, others, and inspire everyone to make the most of everyday.

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