$5 & Under Trader Joe’s Faves for Healthy Eating!

We’re beyond the days of “It’s too expensive to eat healthy,” the gig is up! There are options, lots of them, and especially at a specific store we all know, Trader Joes – where they sell yummy goods at a very low price. Below are a few personal favorites that are at a meek $5 and under, yet will give you lots of nutrition, and a party in your mouth, all at a low cost.

To make it easier on the eyes and more efficient for you reading pleasure let’s break these gems into categories we all know and love, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course snacks.


Oats + Berries: Who doesn’t love a good combination of fruits and grains? These two will satisfy your sweet teeth, while giving you the fiber and protein you need, for only $5. Depending on how large your morning appetite is, you can easily dine on this hearty breakfast throughout the week and chip down this daily cost to .71 cents per meal!

Other favorites: Grapefruit – $3.99 (bag), Bananas – 20 cents each, Granola – $2.49


Tuna + Arugula: I’m sure you already have EVOO in your cupboard, as it’s a staple according to Rachel Ray, and anyone who knows how to work a stove. Mix in a little S + P (salt and pepper) with your freshly bought tuna and arugula, adding any other veggies of your dreams, and you’re looking a quaint, light salad that you would be charged a minimum of $12.95 at a restaurant. One bag of arugula will carry you on for days to mix and match with plenty of other dishes as well! Together only $3.49 for one can of tuna and bag of arugula, wow.

Other favorites: Rosemary Ham – $3.29, ThinkThin Bars – $1.79, Hummus + Carrots – $1.99 + $1.49


Pizza Dough + Pizza Sauce: Did you know that there is readily prepared pizza dough for your gourmet and want-to-be Italian pleasure? Weighing in at only $1.29 per bag of dough, you can make your very own pie with a rolling pin, some flour, and some of TJ’s saucey sauce (only $2.49). Choosing between whole-wheat or garlic and herb is up to you, you cannot go wrong here. The toppings are also up to you. With short prep time and cooking time, you’ll probably never order pizza out again!

Other favorites: Shredded Cauliflower – $2.49, Chicken Sausage – $3.99, Peas – $1.29


See here a complete sample grocery list that will give you options for meals for the week, nutrition in all categories necessary all for $5 and below items. Eat up and Enjoy!

  • Eggs – $2.99
  • Avocados – $2.99 (bag)
  • Orange Juice – $2.29
  • Grapefruit – $3.99 (bag)
  • Oatmeal – $2.49
  • Frozen Berries – $2.49
  • Almond Milk – $2.99
  • Rosemary Ham – $3.29
  • Tuna – $1.49
  • Whole Wheat Bread – $2.99
  • Shredded Cauliflower – $2.49
  • ThinkThin Bar – $1.79
  • Baby Carrots – $1.49
  • Celery – $1.79
  • Hummus – $1.99
  • Arugula – $1.99
  • Baby Spinach – $1.99
  • Free Range Chicken – $1.99 / pound
  • Chicken Sausage – $3.99
  • Chicken Chili-Lime Burgers – $3.49
  • Pork Chops – $4.99 / pound
  • Fat Free Feta Crumbles – $2.99
  • Whole Wheat Pasta – $1.99
  • Peas – $1.29
  • Pizza Dough – $1.29
  • Pizza Sauce – $2.49

Total Price:  $66.04 (That’s a nice mani – pedi, let’s be real! ) Score!

Julie Hoepker

Contributing Writer

I am a life lover, creative spirit, and founder of ThatSecondLook.com. Daily I create artwork, written features, and spread positive vibes through my personal blog, and my work as a creative consultant. Join me on my website, and follow me on Instagram @ThatSecondLook.