Start Your Workout With Keaira Lashae


Keaira Lashae is a pro-dance trainer, turned artist. She is the definition of a cosmopolitan woman. Lashae manages her career as a singer, dancer, and vlogger for her own Youtube Channel. Madamenoire loves her fun approach of working out hard: On Daily Burn, she takes fans through fun routines that incorporate Bollywood, African, Latin and hip-hop steps. But the amiable trainer also captures the attention of fitness fans on her two YouTube channels — SuperheroFitnessTV and Keaira LaShae — which have cumulatively amassed 60 million views. On both, she extends her workouts with useful tutorials that run the gamut from “How to Dance in the Club (In a Dress)” (1,049,810 views as I write this) to a “How to Booty Pop/Twerk Workout” (157,641 views in just three months).

Keaira Lashae choreographed a quick work-out dance video for Rihanna’s song ‘Work’. Now you can learn how to move like a Caribbean princess with the help of Keaira Lashae. She breaks down the moves step-by-step after showing you the whole routine. Don’t know how to dance? Don’t worry Miss Lashae has plenty of other videos to show beginners how to twerk, body roll, and booty pop. Go grab some friends and get ready to host a dance party showcasing your favorite moves. You can do this work-out in the morning or at night. Get up and move and groove with these fantastic dance steps.

Girls all over the world love Keaira Lashae! She has African, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop inspired dance videos for everyone. Check her out on social media too. Connect with the dance queen via facebook/twitter/instagram: @KeairaLaShae. This is for fitness and dance purposes only! Consult a doctor or physician before starting any new dance/workout routines. Make sure you stretch before working out and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Hope you enjoy!'


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