11 Ways to Keep Your Cool When Your Raging Temper is on Fire


Ladies, we all need to find ways to keep our cool when our raging temper builds to a 3-alarm fire!  We have 11 Ways for you to keep your cool when your raging temper is on Fire!

If you watch much reality television, you will see episode after episode of women with raging tempers screaming at each other and even engaging in physical fighting.  When looking at the world today, tempers seems to be raging all over the world.

Why is “Ratchet” the new angry women!  We all know that life can be overwhelming and we as people can only handle so much. So what do we do to learn how to control ourselves and calm down?  First and foremost we need to find an alternative to our raging temper!

One way is to meditate. Yes, meditate. Of course when you are so extremely pissed off it sounds impossible, but we have to learn how to get there and it starts with finding your zen.  According to Harriet Lerner, PhD., one way is to put yourself on a time out.  Dr. Lerner states:

“Calming down will help you keep the edge out of your voice since intensity only breeds more of the same.”

“Before giving somebody a piece of what’s on your mind, remember, venting anger does not solve it.” 

Meditation can help us fight off stress. It can also help with issues such as chronic pain, happiness and help us to be able to get better sleep.

It May take some time to be able to find the right state of mind, but it can be achieved. Our mind is filled with thoughts and over time we can learn to focus and find some clarity and peacefulness.

As Per Goodlife Zen, here are some meditation tips for a Raging Temper:

1. Posture: Your mind will be in balance if your body is also balanced.
2. Eyes: Keeping your eyes open keeps you focused and in the present.
3. Focus: Breathe to find your center of awareness
4. Breathe: Breathe in and out naturally.
5. Counting your breaths: On the inhalation silently count “one”, then “two”, and up to “four”. Then exhale, one, two, three, four.  Repeat as many times as you want.
6. Thoughts: If you find that your thoughts have drifted, focus on breathing.
7. Emotions: Let go of the stories that cause these emotions and focus on how the body feels with it.
8. Silence: When we are in silence, you can learn to rest in the moment.
9. Length: Start at 10 minutes or longer if you feel you need more.
10. Place: Find your special place such as a shrine or alar. You may also like to have objects such as a candle, flowers, stones or whatever you find speaks to you.
11. Enjoyment: Enjoy meditation and if you can start with a smile.