3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance


Balance is a big issue as we get older, and falling down is not an option. I mean nobody wants to break an arm, leg or hip; that is why I found 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance!

Everyone knows working out is something we all need to do, but who has the time?
Well what if I told you I found 3 simple ways to improve balance and workout without really working out.  Would you do it?

We all need to live a healthy lifestyle and let’s be honest we all want to keep walking up the stairs with ease? I mean who wants to be struggling to take a step up or down because you can’t balance anymore?  We all know the key to a long life is no stress, eating right and movement, but what can one do to achieve this?

The answer is simple… Hike, go to a park, walk on a track, head out to the mall and look around, or walk a bike path. Find somewhere in your area where you can walk a good mile or two without realizing it.



Change Your Base of Support:  One of the easiest ways you can challenge (and therefore help improve) your balance during any standing exercise is to gradually narrow your base of support until your feet and legs are together while you perform your exercise. Bring your legs closer together while you do standing, shoulder raises, squats or other upper body moves. Be sure to keep your abs pulled in tight and make sure you’re not leaning backward as you perform your exercises. If you don’t have a gym membership, do it at home. Just stand in the kitchen if you’re older and need support, put your back to the kitchen counter this way you won’t fall backwards. You can do squats, shoulder raises, reach to the ceiling, leg raises or one leg balance.

If you have no time for exercise do it while making dinner. Try cooking and preparing food on one leg.  If you are cutting up vegetables lift one leg for balance exercise. You can do this while cooking at the stove. It’s something I do while I’m cooking to combine my workout while making dinner. I actually do it anytime I’m in the kitchen to make better use of my time.

Now if know yoga moves for balance then incorporate them as well. If you want to try another exercise, I recommend doing this one while watch TV. You can also experiment with momentary one-leg balances. For example, on a forward lunge, lift your front or back leg for a moment each time your push up out of your lunge.

For the third one, it’s about closing your eyes. Your sense of vision is a big part of the balance equation. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re in a controlled environment and that your body is planted. You can start by just standing up tall and closing your eyes without moving. Over time, combine the narrow base of support with some-leg balances while closing your eyes. You might be surprised how challenging it is to simply stand with your eyes closed, let alone stand on one foot. I recommend doing this one against the kitchen counter, with our butt or back to the counter or back against the wall so you don’t fall backwards.

And that is it, just incorporate these steps into your daily activities and you should be on track to improve you balance.