I’m So Stressed Out! HELP

Help Me I'm So Stressed Out

Some days it’s just too much to handle and we find ourselves ‘Stressed Out’, which makes me ask, ‘How often do you say to yourself,  I’m So Stressed Out… HELP?!’

I must admit I get stressed out. Though, I have learned that you just have to find some time to help yourself, instead of being stressed!

The problem is that in this crazy, busy life we all live in it’s almost impossible to do that. You may be juggling school, work and a boyfriend or work, children a husband and more. You have to beat the traffic, meet deadlines, be on time, look good, cook, clean, take care of everyone but yourself and so much more!

Okay ladies, take a slow deep breath… in through your nose, pucker your lips together and blow out slowly. Do this a few times and let yourself feel the anxiety ease. Now, you are ready to hear about more tips. You can do this one anywhere which is easy and really works. Deep breathing relaxes you so that you can feel better quickly.

I was a masseuse for many years and I have to tell you that massage is one fantastic way to relax. As your muscles relax the stress just lifts away.  After your massage, I want to share one very important tip which is to drink plenty of water to flush your system of all the toxins so you stay relaxed.

Music and scents are very relaxing.  I always used essential oils.  One of my favorite oils is lavender. I love it in massage lotion and oils. You can just get a small bottle and sniff it when you feel major waves of stress coming over you. There are many scented items such as candles, air-fresheners and neck pillows that you can purchase. For music, you need find what you enjoy. I love ocean waves, but it can be anything from birds singing to wind blowing.

Meditation is something I learned when I was in school learning how to massage. I used the lavender essential oils and a candle to find my peaceful place. You can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure. You may also notice an improvement of cognitive thinking.

To mediate, you will need to find some time to set aside for yourself, even if it is just 10 minutes a day, it will help. You can be wherever you want; inside or outside. Do not be upset if it takes a few times to ‘get into it’. Your goal is to be able to relax your body and muscles keeping your eyes closed focusing on your breath.  It is just about taking that break away from everything else and tuning in to your body. At first, you may be overloaded with your brain thinking about what you need to do. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep it up.

Instead of having a cup of caffeine, try green tea. It has an amino acid, theanine for flavor that also promotes relaxation. It is also recommended for overall wellness.  You may notice that you crave certain foods when you are stressed like candy, cookies, ice cream and other starchy foods. We can be more stressed when our levels of serotonin are low and these foods can boost the levels. If your levels are low, your brain will not calm down and your body will not relax as well.

Try to exercise daily, even it if is just 15 minutes and try a soothing bath. Remember you can live a more stress free life which will make you a happier person for yourself and those around you.

Reference: Womenshealthmagazine