How Zumba Burnt My Fat!

The Zumba Experience

Zumba is a fun and exciting exercise routine that has become a phenomena around the world.

The Zumba experience makes working out fun. People old and young are getting up out of their seats and dancing to the beat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, this dance craze is for everyone. No exercise or dance experience required. Just get up and get moving!

Zumba was introduced to me by a friend. The mother with kids encouraged me to start the class after I had mentioned I wanted to lose some weight. I was nervous at first about being in a room full of people. We started out by stretching first to get comfortable. Later we would move on to weights. We were sweating so hard in the class. Sometimes we got tired, but we did not stop. The instructor kept moving and made us move faster too. Some moved slower than others, but every one kept dancing no matter what.


After I went to the gym with her for the first time, I was a little shy, however, it came natural the second and third time. The class was a challenge, but I enjoyed pushing my limits. Before you know it, I was in the front making faces in the mirror. Zumba was fun and it burned fat at the same time. The women in the class loved it. All the participants created a bond that made us inseparable. Zumba united us all.

The one thing I loved about Zumba was the music. Reggaeton, Soca, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Brazilian Funk were infused into the playlist. The dance routine was vibrant and featured dance moves from all over the globe. The young women loved it cause we were able to practice twerking. The older women were with it cause they saw immediate results in weight and body shape. The ladies got up to dance to the different kinds of music. Some songs we had never heard before, but the instructor was super helpful and guided us along the way.

I would recommend the Zumba experience to anyone. There are so many options available. Pull up a quick video on YouTube or find a dance class near you. Let’s Zumba!'


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