Healthy Snacking: Tropical Parfait Recipe

parfait recipe

Try This Delicious Tropical Parfait Recipe!

Summer is just around the corner and a lot of us are looking to slim down or tone up before bikini season. Finding a healthy alternative for meals and snacks can be a challenge especially if you’re not willing to sacrifice taste. Miss Yarmosh back with a recipe that is ‘healthy snacking’ approved, so you can focus on your fitness routine and still snack; now you’re snacking the right way.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a post-snack workout, you can jam pack the easy, multi-layered treats with protein, antioxidants and natural sugar by selecting nuts, granola and a variety of fresh fruit to make the parfaits with.

Here’s an easy, delicious recipe to try on your own:

Parfait – Healthy Snacking by herdaily

Free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors, this specific recipe is chock full of protein and antioxidants thanks to granola and pomegranate seeds. Fresh mint leaves and toasted coconut and passion fruit yogurt gives the parfait that tropical flavor that will have your tastebuds thanking you.

However this recipe can be altered to your preferences.

This delicious parfait will have your dreaming about a tropical escape and in beach bod ready in no time!

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