Five Helpful International Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Summer is less than 25 days away and we know you wanna look cute in that new suit on the beach or by the pool so here are five helpful weight loss tips from around the world.

There are many international weight loss tips, but I have chosen five that are very applicable for anyone. Weight loss tips vary depending where you live, but if they work, then that’s all that matters. Weight loss tips are good for women and men, but before you change your diet, it is always recommended you check with your doctor. Remember that these are just weight loss tips and they may or may not work for you, but they are worth a try.

Here are the following weight loss tips and weight loss foods from around the world:

The country of Brazil has a tradition of serving rice and beans with most meals. A study by Obesity Research showed that if you eat a diet of rice and beans, it will lower the risk of being overweight by 14% in comparison to the usual Western diet. Another benefit is they are lower in fat and have more fiber with the possibility of lowering blood sugar levels.

In the Mexican culture, the largest meal is generally between the hours of 2 to 4 P.M. This is a great idea as in the American culture, we usually eat the bulk of our calories in the evening. A general fat-fighting rule is to eat most of your caloric intake at breakfast and lunch. If we eat lighter at night, we will be hungrier in the morning and that is a big plus as many people are not as hungry in the morning, so they skip breakfast.

In Thailand, the country has some of the spiciest food known in the world. Foods such as hot peppers raise your metabolism and slows down how fast we eat. Slowing down how fast we eat gives the body time to realize it is full. When we eat quickly we usually eat way beyond the time we are full, therefore we could lose weight by taking our time to eat.

In America we spend 37% of our food budget eating out at restaurants and on fast-food. In Poland, around only 5% of the budget is spent eating out. If you cook your meals at home, you generally eat healthier. If you try to eat in more often you should be able to drop weight and save money.

Switzerland has a special dish that is eaten for breakfast or even as an evening meal. The meal was developed over one-hundred years ago by a Swiss physician. It is Muesli, made as a porridge or like cereal and oatmeal. The combination is made from a variety of oats, fruits and nuts. It has been known to aid in weight control. The only downside can be the sugar content as it may vary from 2 to 14 grams a serving. Just be sure to read labels and be aware of any diet restrictions you may have.

Do you think you might try one of these international weight loss tips?


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