Three Healthy Hispanic Foods You’ll Love

Healthy Hispanic Foods

We all love tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chili rellenos, and more, but are they healthy? Instead we have three healthy Hispanic food recipes that are just as delicious!

All three of these healthy Hispanic foods can be easily prepared and are nutritious. They use healthy and fresh ingredients to make these delicious Hispanic foods into appealing meals.

Healthy Hispanic FoodsTacos are one of the most popular Hispanic foods, but with a few changes they can go from unhealthy to health. There are many different ways to make them. This is a dish called “Annatto Grilled Chicken Tacos with Pineapple and Avocado Salsa,” by Suellen Pineda from Healthy Latin Eating. Her suggestion for the recipe is Annatto which is a spice. It is called achiote or bija in Spanish. Annatto produces a deep red color to the food and give an earthy flavor.

There are different forms of annatto. It can be in the form of seeds, powder or paste. Suellen recommends that annatto in the form of paste or seeds work very well for making a base called a “sofrito” used in foods in which liquid will be added such as soup or stew.

In this recipe powdered annatto was used as paste can become crumbly when mixed with cold chicken.

Our next healthy Hispanic foods are the Kabobs.  This is a healthy and easy way to get your Healthy Hispanic Foods protein and fruit. With summer just around the corner this grillec Chicken with mango and nectarine kabobs are perfect. The fruit choices for this dish are mangos that will give you about 200% of the daily dose of vitamin C. Mangoes can give you about 70% of the daily vitamin A dose recommended. These fruits have dietary fiber that aids in digestion and can lower cholesterol. Add a lean protein with fresh corn tortillas and balance the meal with salad. Get the recipe HERE…

Healthy Hispanic FoodsLastly, we have the third healthy Hispanic food dish which is a Dominican stew called Dominican Legume and Meat Stew which  is a combination of meat, red beans, and squash (auyama). You can use other types of beans, but red beans and gandules (green pigeon peas) are used most often. Beans and rice are not only filling, but they constitute a complete protein. You will also get your amino acids. This recipe is made with pork, but you can always substitute the pork with your own choice of lean protein. This recipe is recommended to be prepared the day prior to consumption to allow the flavors to be more concentrated. If this dish interests you, get the recipe HERE…

Try one of these three healthy Hispanic food recipes and let us know how you liked them?