The Image of Plus-Sized Woman Outside of America

Plus-sized Woman

We do not hear as much about the image of a Plus-sized woman outside of America, but last year Women’s running magazine changed that.

Women’s running magazine put a plus-sized female athlete on the cover of their fitness magazine. The magazine made history for the image of a plus-sized woman on the cover as it was the first to publicly recognize that runners come in all sizes and shapes. Erica Schenk who was featured on the cover as the plus-sized runner sent out a message. It was rather controversial and it got media outlets from talking about the image of a plus-sized woman outside of America.

Some people were caught by surprise and some were very happy to see the controversial change on the cover of the magazine. I personally loved it as well as I would get any woman over a size 8. Now size 8 is not a plus-sized woman, but if you live in Hollywood, they are likely to call you a plus-sized woman if you are a size 6. I find it disgusting and incredibly sad.

I think that we are born without judgement, but we are force-fed judgement by the media as well as others on social media and in any of our day-to-day life’s routines. How many times have you head of someone being ridiculed for being over-weight? You might have even experienced it yourself and I have to tell you it does not make you feel good. When you go to the doctor, you hear it. In fact, when you are sick, but over-weight, the first thing that I always hear is, “You really need to lose weight to feel better.” My favorite is when they say to me, “You know you need to lose weight, right? I want to say, “No, I never realized that.” Really, it’s as if they think we are stupid. Not only that, but I have never been told by a doctor that I am plus-size or as the doctor calls it… obese. I really do not like that word. Just because you are over-weight, it does not mean your illness is due to that. It’s that type of stigma we live with.

In relation to the cover of the plus-sized model, I was just thrilled. The best part is over the last year, there have been more plus-size women on covers of magazines and more celebrities talking about plus-size women and embracing them.  What are your thoughts about plus size models on the covers of magazines?


  • Nicole

    I’m confused, where did the article discuss the image of plus sized women outside of the United States?

  • Christy

    Where did it discuss anything?!?! To me, this article didn’t make sense at all! The “writer” just wrote her opinion about the magazine cover & told about her experience at a doctor appointment & didn’t connect the two!! Where’s an editor when needed?!

  • corybantic

    I came here for the thick girl pics…where the thick girl pics at? #notamused