Plants That Will Survive Through Your Summer

Summer Plants

The best way to care for summer plants

The scorching New York heat has returned. Unfortunately, as the heat perseveres, the plants that have come into my possession as gifts have started wilting away.

I’m not the best at caring for plants during any time of the year, but the summer tends to be most difficult. My attempt at giving my plants sunlight while keeping them away from the heat has failed me time and time again.

While on the quest to find a plant that will survive the next several summer months into the fall, I was able to discover several beautiful flowers that I’m seriously considering bringing into the plant cemetery that my home has become.

The first is the Gloriosa Daisy, also known as the Black Eyed Susan. This flower is not only beautiful, but remains bright and vibrant during the summer and into the cooler months. These plants have appeared many times throughout my research so I have to say they’re promising summer flowers.

Next on my list is the Beardtongue, more commonly known as Snapdragons. These flowers flourish in the summer. These flowers would be best for anyone that has a garden or a miraculous plot of soil in their tiny New York City apartment as they like to be planted in groups. They also stand at least 3 feet tall once fully grown so space is crucial for these beauties.

Lavender is a favorite for many, as it serves a variety of purposes. Lavender oil can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety and depression while it can also be used in food. Lavender, like the queen of herbs it has managed to become, enjoys being in the heat. The scent of lavender spreads in the summer heat so it would be a perfect addition on your windowsill or balcony.

Along with lavender, the iconic Sunflower is also a tough summer plant. The sunflower is so strong that it will grow in any kind of soil and flourish under the dryness and heat of summer. The sunflower may also be the plant that doesn’t need as much attention, as it usually plants itself and grows independently.

Last on my summer plants bucket list is Sage. Another plant that serves multiple purposes, sage is also pest free so you don’t have to worry about attracting flies and such into your home. Sage thrives in hot weather and can be watered just once a week.

My short-lived experience having summer plants was therapeutic and rather rewarding until they gave out on me. With the introduction of these plants, this summer will definitely be different.'

Ji Hyun

Ji Hyun is a New York-based writer. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts as a Dramatic Writing major with a concentrate in television writing. She continues to explore her love for sitcoms and Korean culture.