10 Natural Hair Trends for 2016

natural hair trends

Women of Color Want Longer Natural Hair:

The natural hair movement is against chemicals and texturizers. The practice encourages women to wear their own hair in the its most natural state: moist, oiled, and unstyled.
The inversion message is a concept that promises faster hair growth guaranteed by massaging oil into the hair follicle. It goes something like this:

  • Massage your scalp nightly with oil…
  • Turn your head upside down afterwards for up to 4 minutes….
  • The results from doing this is supposed to gain you anywhere between a quarter to an inch of hair length.

Kelis Curly Blond Hair

10 Natural Hair Trends for 2016

The Curly Fro
A Little Bit of Color
Poetic Justice Braids
A Fancy Up-Do
The Big Chop
Shaved Side
The Fro-hawk
Wash & Go
Relax, it’s just a relaxer

Rihanna short and blond

The Natural Hair Journey of a Model

Brandee a Model from NYFW, shares her views on “natural hair’ on the runway (from refinery29):

“There’s a pressure among Black models to be relaxed,” Brandee says. The reason to show up with relaxed hair or a weave is partly practical: You can either have the same hair as everybody else…or you could be different. And, when the odds are pretty good that you’ll be one of a handful of non-white girls backstage, it can make sense to minimize the attention you draw to yourself.

A woman’s natural hair is an addition to her beauty, but has the mainstream industry put too much pressure on achieving ”that look”? What happens when a stylist can’t work with your hair? Time to start getting creative with our natural hair-dos.

Reflection: Her Daily Hair-do

How do you do your hair in the mornings? Do you start the process of setting curls, twists, or braids from the night before? Do you have to get up extra early to do your hair? Share your natural hair journey below.



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