Whole Foods 365: A Grocery Store Just for Millennials 

whole foods


Love Whole Foods, but not crazy about the dent they’re putting in your paycheck? This popular grocery store has actually recognized the power of the Millennial – creating a grocery store with just you in mind: 365 Whole Foods Market.

Most of us know that Whole Foods was one of the very first speciality grocery stores to appear on the scene. Millennials grew up, eating organic produce and gluten-free baked goods from their store. So it makes perfect sense that they would want to reach out, to create a unique store to continue to connect with their Millennial customers.

Now, why is it so important to create this store now? Whole Foods has explained that they know some of their hardworking Millennial customers may not be ready to add Whole Foods grocery shopping to their budget. So by creating a unique grocery store to reach these customers, they can obtain the super healthy and high quality foods everyone has come to expect. But also find more budget-friendly prices.

Keep in mind that Whole Foods is being super savvy with their marketing tactics. The Millennial generation is huge – only the Baby Boomer generation is larger. By targeting these consumers, it is a wonderful opportunity. And by being straightforward and recognizing that some of them simply can’t pay the premium Whole Foods prices – well, that’s good business sense too. Because just like the clothing designer who creates clothing especially for a discount chain and then also for the higher end department stores – when a customer falls in love with your products, quite likely they will continue to buy as their income rises. So Whole Foods is hoping that as the Millennials continue to become even more successful, they will start to walk into their premium grocery stores as well.

There are 3 stores open now and more to come in 2017!



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