Which is Better For Eyebrows: Waxing, Tweezing or Threading


When it comes to our eyebrows, there are different trends to shape and make them look natural or exaggerated, so which is better Waxing, Tweezing or Threading?

Most commonly women tend to wax and or tweeze their eyebrows. I have used both myself. I must say that for most of us which ever one we choose is a personal choice. When it comes to waxing, I have found out that you must go to a professional. Waxing our eyebrows at home by ourselves is not an easy undertaking.  Waxing really is a cost-effective way to go and does not cost much if you are only removing facial hair. When you are waxing ones face, you would use a soft wax as we can actually do quite well with a quick tug or pull of the skin. Mind you, technique is what will keep it from hurting and will properly pull out the hair follicles. Most of these are used with paper, but some waxes harden and can be pulled off without any paper.

EyebrowsWaxing should not cause bleeding, but it can happen. Most likely you may get red. You can use an ice pack or aloe vera to calm your skin down and some may use Witch Hazel, but do not get it in your eyes. Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed only to find out they were not even or a few estranged hairs remained? Hence, the frustration of finding a qualified professional. If you have a certain desired appearance you want for your eyebrows, be sure to speak up if they do not ask you. If you are prone to redness or bleeding, be sure to disclose that before you get started.

As for tweezing, it can be a tedious adventure if you are starting from scratch. I find it Eyebrowsbest left for corrections or mistakes. It’s too much work if you tweeze all the time as your preferred method of hair removal. If you tweeze the hair follicles out in the proper way, it should barely hurt. It is a good idea to use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape you want to accomplish. Symmetry is important as I have seen many people with some very different mismatched eyebrows.

EyebrowsMeanwhile, threading is becoming one of the most popular ways to take care of bushy or even unruly eyebrows. It involves taking two pieces of cotton thread, which will be expertly wrapped around hairs that are unwanted, and then they are removed in one movement. The pros to threading is that there are no dangerous chemicals when you are using threading. Threading is a much better alternative to waxing, especially if you have sensitive skin. Another bonus about threading is that its faster, and last longer than plucking and waxing. If you just do not know, go to a salon that waxes or threads and talk to them about options. Be sure the salon or spa is clean. If you don’t feel comfortable, leave. Remember they’re your eyebrows and you choose what you prefer. Do you prefer to wax or tweeze your eyebrows?