Lose Weight with the Hi5 Challenge

Hi5 Challenge

Summer is here and there is a way to get your body in that swimsuit and maybe win some cash by losing weight with the Hi5 Challenge.

I have been researching weight loss plans and there are so many it is difficult to pick one. I found the Hi5 Challenge which is not only a way to lose weight, but to be healthier, get in tone and possibly win in an annual competition. The Hi5 Challenge goes for fifty-five days. The plan includes a weight loss nutrition beverage called lean that provides you with proteins and vitamins which you can take in place of one or two meals, depending on your weight loss goals. In addition, it incorporates two other products called boost and edge which aid in energy, focus, better memory, curbing your appetite and more. For an added burst of chocolate flavor, you also get Hi5 flavor surge. I have actually been on the plan for a week now and I add the flavor surge which is chocolate and it tastes like a shake. I have been mixing the lean shake mix, flavor surge, ice and coffee and it’s like getting a Frappuccino at Starbucks.

The fifty-five-day challenge is also a contest if you choose to enter and if you become the grand prize winner of the year, you could earn $25,000. You must enter by October 2016 to be part of the contest. We can all use extra money, so I decided to join and see what happens. It is about getting tone and losing weight. There is a female and male first place winner and two other prize levels. You can read all the information at the site listed below.
Prior to starting you should always consult your doctor as with any diet or lets called it healthier living plan. If you want to be part of the Hi5 Challenge, you need to commit to the fifty-five-day plan and to purchase two full months of the product. With the challenge, you have to enter by providing your height, weight, body measurements, photos as requested and your testimonial of why you need or want to lose weight. All the instructions are included when you join the Hi5 Challenge. It also gives you exercises, helpful hints towards you goals and more.

So as I stated, I have been on the plan for 8 days and so far, I am happy with my choice of healthier living plan. I have lost ten pounds and that makes me feel good. If this interests you as it did me, you can go to the link below and read about it and order the products. Good luck if you try what I am doing. Sign up now and lose weight for summer with the Hi5 Challenge!  Do you think you might be interested in the Hi5 Challenge to lose weight?