Angelina Jolie Wants What Surgery?

Angelina Jolie Academy Awards

Angelina Jolie is known for many things: Her prolific acting career, her superstar-husband Brad Pitt, she and Brad’s six children and her super-sexy pout. One other surprising personal matter the 38 year-old actress is known for was her decision to have a preventative double mastectomy in April, 2013. Angelina chose to write about her decision to have the controversial surgeries in a New York Times op-ed piece that was published on May 14, 2013. Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, lost her almost-decade long battle with cancer at the too-young age of 56. Angelina doesn’t want to go the same way. Angelina admitted to Entertainment Weekly recently that she wants another surgery that women (like herself) who are at risk for ovarian cancer can have to reduce their risk.

“There’s still another surgery to have, which I haven’t yet. I’ll, you know, I’ll get advice from all these wonderful people who I’ve been talking to, to get through that next stage,” Angelina confessed. Though Angelina felt encouraged to get the double mastectomy procedure because she lost her mom, it was actually ovarian cancer, not breast cancer, that took Marcheline’s life. Genetically speaking, Angelina has an approximate 50 percent risk for ovarian cancer, which helps to explain her reasoning behind getting another cancer-preventing surgery. Plus, the humanitarian got overwhelming support after her first preventative surgery.

“I feel very, very close — much closer — to other women, and women who are going through the same thing. Wherever I go, usually I run into women and we talk about health issues, women’s issues, breast cancer, ovarian cancer… I was very, very moved by all the support and kindness from so many people,” Angelina explained.

While some critics say Angelina’s mastectomy surgery was unnecessary, as there is no direct link between gene fault and cancer, we totally understand her reasoning. Cancer is such a horrible disease and being proactive is a great way to fight back. We think Angelina should do whatever makes her happy.

Would you get a cancer-preventing surgery?