Kate Hudson Takes Heat From Cher For Fabletics Brand

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has been the co-founder of the Fabletics Brand since 2013, but has been getting negative feedback from Cher…

Cher is one celebrity that is known for speaking her mind and this time it was against Kate Hudson and her Fabletics line of activewear. The 70-year-old Moonstruck actress lashed out on twitter trashing Fool’s Gold actress, Kate Hudson’s athletic and leisure Fabletics clothing line. Kate Hudson uses her passion to motivate and support women to lead health and active lives, which led her to Fabletics.

It appears that it is not the product itself, but the way the company goes about signing up its customers and billing them. Cher tweeted, “Made mistake of going 2 Fabletics. What a pain in the a–. Won’t even let u see anything till u give them ur 1st born!! Felt like I was being conned”. There have been other complaints against the Hudson brand. You are required to take a quiz before you start. Customers have not been fond of being enticed to shop as a VIP to get exclusive deals. If you do this, you are automatically put in a monthly service where you pay $49.95 a month unless you delay your shipments.

I must say this is not the only company that signs you up for automatic shipments and fees. I myself had used a product recently that has a monthly fee. Not only do they deduct it automatically, but this company takes it 5 days before the due date. I do get the frustration. Overall I have to say that this is pretty common for many on-line companies, but that does not reflect Kate Hudson in a bad light as much as the “inside works” of the corporation.

Fabletics responded via tweet to Cher, “We LOVE you @Cher! Please know our quiz is to personalize shopping and so we can eliminate waste by only creating clothing people want.” JustFab the parent company for Fabletics reported to FOX411 that the brand was disappointed Cher did not like the member quiz. They also said, “By asking shoppers for their style and size preferences, we’re able to save our customers tons of money and eliminate waste. We only produce the clothing that people want. I wish we could turn back time and explain this to Cher.”

Overall, I feel this is a way that companies can learn from their customers to see what they can do to provide better customer service. Kate Hudson and Cher are such incredible icons that I hope all is worked out. What do you think about Kate Hudson getting the heat about the Fabletics clothing brand?

  • BoxLifestyleNYC

    Who doesn’t like a quiz/more personalized experience? Also I don’t get why people don’t understand its a subscription service. That is there thing. They are trying to make you become a member. If you don’t want to be a member then shop at other sites like Under Armour, lululemon, etc. I’m just confused over the outrage?