How Women View Dieting


As a woman, don’t be afraid to take on the dieting world…

“I’m going on a diet.” These words automatically make people, namely women think that weight loss is involved. As soon as people hear that some have decided to change their diet and/or start exercising, their mind automatically goes to weight loss.  If the person considering a diet change or adding exercise to their daily routine is not heavy, people like to ask, “What are you doing that for?”

A diet can simply be defined as the kinds of food that a person eats. Yes, a diet can be necessary because a person chooses to lose weight or for medical reasons, but dieting and exercise are more about leading a healthy lifestyle than being restricted to only a weight loss thing. Anyone can choose to go on a diet no matter their weight and no one should discourage a person from going on a diet unless it is clear that the new diet poses unhealthy risks like extreme dieting.

Going on a diet can be a good and healthy choice for everyone, but women seem to think that just because they are starting a diet that the options they have for food comes down to leaves and twigs. Even though there are all types of diets on the market people should pick diets based on the kind of person they are and what works for them.

A diet isn’t all about cutting out all the things you love; it’s about everything in moderation. Learning how to eat so that you get the nutrition your body needs and you don’t get too much of anything you don’t need is the goal. You still have to be able to enjoy the food you eat, so don’t think it all has to be tasteless and unsatisfying.  If you see that you need to get healthy, a diet is a good place to start. 

Kadisha Kentish

I am 23 years old and live in New York City. I am aspiring to become a writer. I write poetry, short stories as well as articles. I have a BA in Communications with a concentration in Music Journalism and a double minor in Creative Writing and Film.