Tequila Will Make You Skinny!

tequila with lime

Guess what, ladies (guys too)? Science has proven drinking tequila will make you lose weight! According to researchers from Mexico (I mean, who else, right?), natural sugars derived from the agave plant are what we have to thank for the weight-loss benefits. The sugars, called agavins, protected a group of mice against obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, MedPage Today reports. So… how did it work?

This new study claims the tester mice were distributed into seven groups — and then each group of mice received a different type of water for their diet. One group of mice drank plain water, while others had aspartame, glucose, fructose, sucrose, agave syrup or agavin supplemented into their water. The mice that received the agavin-supplemented water (where the sugar that make tequila comes from) had reduced food intake and a decrease in weight and blood glucose levels. The mice that drank plain water also showed similar levels of decreased weight and blood glucose levels. 

Keep in mind this is for straight tequila, though, not margaritas. Which makes sense to us at Her Daily because usually margaritas = guacamole + tacos + more tacos. Later today, we’re going to have to go to happy hour and drink straight tequila because it’s obviously for research and we are helping prove things with science. Also, it’s Friday and HELLO, TEQUILA.

Are you going to drink more tequila now that you’ve read the results of this study?

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