Selena Gomez Fights Through Her Lupus And Her Depression

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A conversation has opened up about Lupus and depression…

Back in August, Selena Gomez revealed that she would be taking time off her world tour in order to take care of herself.  The artist had been suffering for a while, explaining that she had panic-attacks and major depression to deal with.  As a result, she took time off of her career.  The cause of her depression?  Her chronic, auto-immune disease, Lupus.

Lupus has been a part of Selena Gomez’s life for a while now.  She took a break from her Star’s Dance tour back in 2013 and rumors took off, as they always do.  As Gomez was undergoing chemotherapy, she was hit with tabloids wondering if she was on drugs or if her relationship with Justin Bieber had given her such a severe broken-heart that she just had to stay away.  Gomez stated that this wasn’t the case.

Now, three years later, Selena Gomez is taking a break from her Revival tour to take care of herself once again.  This time, she is talking about major mental health issues causing her pain and they’re related to her physical health.

Lupus itself doesn’t have symptoms of depression or a direct effect on mental health. However, chronic illnesses can still leave a nasty effect on your mental health, creating new problems or even amplifying mental health issues you already may have.  The stress added on to those who haver chronic diseases is enormous and that alone can result in massive mental health defects.

Lupus can be very different between diagnosed cases.  It depends on what part of the body the Lupus has affected. You can experience anything from shortness of breath to dry eyes or even a butterfly shaped rash on your face.  Lupus can harm anything from your kidneys to your lungs and even your brain and heart.  There is no cure for Lupus and medication and treatments can vary.

It is important to note that this is not something to be taken lightly.  However, despite the severity of the disease Gomez is suffering from that we see in the media, we are seeing another repeat of 2013.

A month after Selena revealed why she is taking a break off her tour, rumors abound.  Just googling “Selena Gomez” in the news brings up many articles about Justin Bieber.  People wonder if Bieber may be the cause of Gomez’s depression.  On top of this, drug rumors have resurfaced, having supposed anonymous sources confirm that Gomez has been taking several drugs and has become addicted to them.

These rumors come across as having little-to-no basis whatsoever.  With every source of information on Gomez being anonymous, and claims right and left about her love life, there really is no backing for anything being said.  If people are really curious about Selena Gomez’s mental and physical health, they should turn to what her and her media team has said.  Gomez seems to be fairly open about her current situation.


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