Indra Nooyi Looks To Make PepsiCo Healthier For Everyone


A decade ago, Indra Nooyi wanted to make her company, PepsiCo, better for everyone.  Here’s what she did.

As the years go on, environmental issues as well as health issues plague the world more and more.  Hopefully the majority of people aren’t looking to billionaire companies to make the changes we so desperately need, but the CEO of PepsiCo still wishes to make a difference in some capacity.

Meet Indra Nooyi, the woman who has “changed the soft drink icon” according to LinkedIn.  On October 17th of this year, Indra was named one of LinkedIn’s “INfluencers”, and they spoke to her about how she changed the PepsiCo image over the past ten years.

Indra Nooyi not only sat down with LinkedIn to be interviewed about her stance, but also wrote out an article for them.  In her article, she talked about a statistic that will probably surprise the vast majority of people.  As it would turn out, only 12% of PepsiCo’s products actually comes from Pepsi.  “…Our nutrition brands, low-calorie beverages and healthier snacks accounted for roughly 45% during the same period,”  Nooyi said.  However, Nooyi doesn’t plan to stop there.  She wants to make more improvement with her company.  How?

“Words alone don’t make something.  You have to issue metrics, and talk about when we’ll get there.  We have to change the culture of the company; we have to change everything we were doing.” — Indra Nooyi to LinkedIn.

“Performance With A Purpose”

Enter a plan for the next ten years.  Indra Nooyi plans to keep making her brand healthier, more environmentally friendly, and better for their employees.  Nooyi released statements on all three things.  She has said that:

  • She wants to increase access to more nutritional options.
  • She wants to “limit [PepsiCo’s] environmental footprint” from the source of the product, to the disposal of said product.   She also stated that reducing the waste from the company has actually saved them over $600 million in the last five years.  A little extra incentive to be cleaner to the planet — it saves everyone money.
  • She says she plans to make sure that all her associates have the opportunity to reach their full potential  at PepsiCo.

Indra hopes that other companies will follow similar steps in the future.  To help their people, to help the environment, and to help the health of the world.  Will other companies do so?  Time will tell.  For now, we can only watch and see if PepsiCo fulfills its goals in the meantime.  You can read Indra Nooyi’s full statement here.

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