The Craziest Diets: Don’t Try These At Home

crazy diets

I’m sure we have all heard a lot about weird diets…. The ice cream cleanse, the Coachella diet, oh, and we can’t forget the obviously wonderful tequila diet.

Whenever we hear about super-crazy diets, we can’t help but write about them. This weekend, we discovered three more bizarre weight-loss techniques. The Toothpaste Diet (no, you don’t eat the toothpaste), The Cotton Ball Diet and the Spit-It-Out Diet. Uh… what?

The Toothpaste Diet basically consists of brushing your teeth ALL THE TIME. In this diet, you brush your teeth after you’ve had a meal, when you’re craving a snack or when you’re just bored. Your teeth sound like they would get pretty clean after this diet, but brushing your teeth when you’re bored? How long do the inventors of this diet think we’re going to be brushing our teeth for? Also, why not just have a healthy snack like a handful of almonds and an apple?

The Cotton Ball diet is just unsafe. Doctor and weight-loss expert David Edelson, M.D., says that models and dancers across the world eat cotton balls. What the heck? Apparently, the cotton balls make these ladies feel full so they don’t overeat, but David explains eating cotton balls is a “huge risk” to your digestive system and can be seriously harmful.

The Spit-It-Out Diet is as gross as it sounds. The idea behind this diet is you can indulge in the treats you shouldn’t be eating — like a cupcake, for instance — but you don’t actually swallow the food. You spit it out so your body (ideally) won’t add any calories, but you still get the flavor. It’s basically like being bulimic except you don’t throw up. The main problem behind this diet (besides it being disgusting to witness) is that your body starts to break down the sugars as soon as the cupcake is in your mouth. Plus, when you start chewing food, it signals your stomach to get the digestive juices flowing. If there’s no food to digest, you could encounter serious stomach problems.

We were SHOCKED to learn about these crazy diets. Have you ever heard of them? Have you ever TRIED any of them?