Eat This To Get Natural Beauty Results

natural beauty results

Have you always wanted to find a way to get natural beauty results?

Look no further! Lisa Lillien (author of Hungry Girl website and numerous cookbooks) tells People tips and tricks to get the radiant look you want just by eating certain foods. Get ready to take notes, then eat up!

Eat Strawberries, Get Whiter Teeth

Yes, you read that right… strawberries can make your teeth whiter. Throw away those white strips and bulk up on the tasty berries. According to Dr. Oz, strawberries’ astringent malic acid and vitamin C help rid your teeth of plaque and stains!

Eat Almonds, Get Stronger Nails

We’ve heard that snacking on almonds is healthy and helps curb your appetite, but getting stronger nails? That’s a new one. Because of their biotin and vitamin E, you can strengthen your fingernails one almond at a time.

Eat Greek Yogurt, Get Healthier Gums

According to Lisa, Greek yogurt is not only a great snack to try when slimming down, but eating Greek yogurt regularly makes you less likely to get gum disease.

Eat Avocado, Don’t Get Sunburned

Hello, guacamole! People reported that even though sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself against sunburn, avocados might also protect your skin from getting burned, too. The tasty food is full of high levels of carotenoids and powerful antioxidants. Wow, just another excuse to eat guac!

Eat Citrus, Get Glowing Skin

By adding citrus to your diet (which has tons of vitamin C) your skin will be better at repairing collagen (aka will give you glowing skin). “It’s an antioxidant, which can help slow the effects of aging,” Lisa says. Try adding lemon to your ice water or cup of tea every day for an easy way to have more citrus.

Eat Sweet Potatoes, Get Healthier Hair

Sweet potatoes are super high in beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A in your body. According to Dr. Joy Bauer vitamin A is essential to hair growth and keeps your hair from becoming dry. Looks like we’ll be eating more sweet potatoes on the regular.

What super food are you going to try first?



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