Cinderella Foot Surgery! Ouch!

foot surgery

Did you know there’s a foot surgery called “The Cinderella” that’s sweeping the nation?

If you have heard of this type of foot surgery, I hope  you are not going to go through with it.  It sounds like a horrible idea. There is an expression that goes, “pain is beauty”.   I’m sure some of you subscribe to that notion, but this is ridiculous!  Unfortunately, podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh doesn’t think so. Thirteen years ago, he started getting foot-surgery requests from women so they could fit into their shoes easier. What????

“Patients would bring in shoes they dreamed of wearing.  I came to realize that she needs these shoes to project confidence.  They are part of her outside skin. That’s the real world for them,” Dr. Ali reveals to The New York Times.

Unfortunately, it is the real world to his clients and therefore, Dr. Ali came up with foot surgery names so women could request what kind of foot surgery they wanted… as if ordering a foot surgery off of a menu is TOTALLY normal and NOT weird at all.

The “Cinderella” makes it possible for your foot to fit into a shoe that was previously unwearable. Don’t forget the “Perfect 10,” which is shortening a woman’s toes so their feet are “prettier.” Dr. Ali coined this name after a 17-year-old model wanted to literally fill her shoes — and not go over a size 10. The “Model T” is a toe-lengthening process. (Whyyyyyy… would someone want that?)  Another surgery is the “Foot Tuck,” which changes the pad of a woman’s foot so she can wear high heels more comfortably.

We can’t believe that there is someone having foot surgery to fit into their favorite booties, heels and sandals. If you have that much money to blow on surgery, why not just have your shoes made perfectly to your foot size.  Why not allow the shoemaker to perform surgery on the shoes.  What happens to your other shoes?  Will your new foot fit into your other shoes?  Sheesh!

Would you get foot surgery to wear your fave high heels?