5 Salty Foods To Avoid

salty foods

We all know foods like chips, salad dressings and popcorn have a LOT of salt. Did you know that veggie burgers do, too? Here are some not-so-obvious salty foods to stay away from if you’re trying to ditch bloat for the holiday season.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is definitely still a good source of calcium and protein, but you shouldn’t eat too much at one time. According to People, one cup of cottage cheese can contain around 1,000 mg of sodium. This is 40 percent of what you’re supposed to eat in a whole day! Cottage cheese lovers don’t fret—there is a no-salt-added version that you can try.


OK, so obviously pancakes have a ton of sugar, but salt? Yes! There can be up to 2,000 mg in a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. In order to avoid this crazy-salt intake, try to make your pancakes at home. Some ready-to-make mixes are only 400 mg per serving (which, is still high, but low in comparison to diner options).


Yes, soup does make you feel better when you are home sick with the flu, but it is FULL of salt. When buying soup make sure it is the low-salt version, not just the reduced-sodium version. Reduced sodium actually only gives you 25 percent less sodium (such a rip off). Ideally you want less than 140 mg of sodium or less per serving otherwise you could use up half your sodium limit for one day with a bowl of soup that’s only 300 calories — which is insane.

Chicken Breasts

Raw chicken breasts are sometimes injected with high-sodium flavoring (aka salt) — so always check labels before buying. Purchase “non-enhanced” chicken to avoid these high amounts of added salt. Avoid brands with high salt content listed on the label, or any chicken that lists salt as an ingredient when possible.

Veggie Burgers

Some veggie burgers can contain up to 700 mg of sodium — yikes. You can however, find reduced sodium options for 400 mg of sodium (which is still high), so try not to have one every day! Again look for ones with 140-35 mg per serving.

If you stay away from these foods, or at least cut down how often you eat them, you will feel less bloated and healthier in no time!


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