IV Drips For Your Hangover Cure

hangover cure

Hangovers are the worst. Once you hit your late 20’s, hangovers will take days to recover from.

We’re always trying new hangover cures, like drinking Sprite (that totally works) or eating a greasy lunch (delicious, but doesn’t really cure the hangover).  A hangover cure trend we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is the IV hydration. Seriously.

In cities like Las Vegas, mobile clinics like “Hangover Heaven” now offer a hangover cure in the form of an IV drip. Basically, you get hooked up to an IV and your body is pumped with hydration fluid, vitamins and antioxidants. The entire process takes 40 minutes at most — and your hangover is supposedly cured for $99! You can splurge and get more treatments including oxygen, a super B shot, anti-heartburn meds and more to cure headaches and nausea if you really boozed it up too much the night before.

So, why would people choose to get this expensive, needle-filled hangover cure? The people behind the IV drip claim their product helps you recover faster from a hangover (so you can enjoy your day without the slow recovery time).

The main reason we get a hangover in the first place is because we’re dehydrated — and the IV drip gets fluids into our system faster than drinking water. Sounds like a potentially great idea, right? Maybe… but if you do try this get-well-quick cure, you should be very careful.

Getting hooked up to an IV over and over again can seriously increase your odds to get really sick. Dr. David Ross, a physician in Colorado Springs, Colorado, explains the dangers of using an IV for a hangover cure. “Anytime someone puts a needle in your vein, there’s a possibility of infection and a risk of a clot forming in the vein,” he asserts.

We love the idea of a hangover cure, but we’re definitely not psyched by the idea of increasing our chances to get a blood clot, needles in our arm, or seeing any doctors whose speciality is curing hangovers. Hmm… we might just opt for a long recovery day on the couch watching The Notebook over and over.

Would you try an IV drip to cure a hangover?

  • tiffany lee

    Interesting… but $99? That’s kind of steep. I’d rather eat some McDonalds and be on my way.

  • Alessandra

    Coconut water. 1 can before passing out and at least 1 more the next day. No needles required.

  • KuroYukia

    This seems like it’s giving heavy drinkers an excuse to drink more and not suffer over it. not sure how much I like the idea