Maple Water Is Real!

Maple Leaves

Watch out coconut water, maple water is here — and it’s fabulous. According to health experts, the newest must-try drink is now maple water!

We know what you’re thinking… maple water must be bad for you. Yes, maple syrup and maple bars (doughnuts) are really unhealthy, but maple water is NOT.  In fact, maple water is made with pure maple sap, which is full of minerals and vitamins.

By adding maple water into your diet you will gain calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and a little bit of sugar (and it’s still between 95 to 98 percent water). Plus, this spring water alternative is only 15 to 20 calories (which is about half the amount that’s in coconut water)!

Vertical Water Maple WaterCourtesy of: Vertical Water

Starting this spring, maple water will head to America from three different brands (Seva, Vertical Water and Drink Maple). These three brands get their water from trees in the Northeast and Canada — and none add anything artificial to their water. If you like coconut water, you will probably love this new trend.

According to Michael Farrell (the director of Uihlein Forest in the Adirondacks), coconut water might have a stronger taste, but maple water is better for you if you’re dehydrated. “Maple water is more hydrating, has less sugar, and goes down smoother,” Michael tells the Cornell Chronicle.

Water that’s good for you and tastes like sugar? Sign us up!

What do you think about the new maple water trend?


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