New Food Trend: Coffee And Butter?


Hey there, coffee lovers — we’ve got a shocking new caffeine trend to share! It involves coffee and butter. Yes, you read that right. We don’t know if we’ve been living under a coffee/cream/sugar rock for too long, but apparently now everyone’s making something called “Bulletproof Coffee.”

What is Bulletproof Coffee, exactly? It involves unsalted, grass-fed butter, MCT oil and, of course, coffee. You basically make coffee as you normally would, but then you add in the butter and MCT oil. According to one Bulletproof Coffee website, the butter and MCT oil will cause a latte-like foam on top of your coffee creation. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides — and are typically given to patients with malnutrition because the MCTs don’t require energy for storing or using the fatty acid.

Why do people drink Bulletproof coffee? Some believe that this combination provides a huge boost of energy with just the right amount of fat. Dr Jeffrey Gladd says this morning treat can have amazing benefits. “It keeps hunger at bay and has enhanced my mental clarity and sharpness 20 to 25 percent,” he explains.

Hmm… we’re just not sure about this trend. We’re willing to give it a try, though, because we can fully admit that we are completely obsessed with all-things coffee related. Here is a recipe if you want to try it for yourself.

Tell us: Would you try Bulletproof Coffee?! Or have you tried it?! If so, did you like it?