SAD Summer Blues Got You Down?

Summer’s finally here! And with it comes warmer weather, backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, and my personal fav – festival season. But for some people, warmer weather isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Seasonal affective disorder, (sometimes called SAD), isn’t something that only happens during the cold and rainy seasons. Some people experience seasonal depression during just the summer months. In fact, according to a recent article on WebMD, summer depression accounts for about 10% of all SAD cases.

While people who get depressed in the winter often sleep more and experience an increase in appetite, folks who get depressed in the summer are likely to experience insomnia and a loss of appetite.

Some common causes of summer SAD include extremely hot temperatures, increased financial burden, and body image issues.

Treatments for summertime SAD include staying indoors and staying cool with the help of fans and air-conditioning. For people who are particularly affected by the extra sunlight, blackout curtains may also help.

Melissa Dahlke

Melissa loves learning new things, exploring new places, and eating amazing food. Inspired to pursue her dreams, one of which was writing, Mely quit her corporate job 7 years ago. She has been happily working from home and hotel rooms ever since.

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