Can Your Panties Change The World?

From No Pants Subway Rides to the return of Granny Panties, underpants are everywhere lately. Now a pair of period panties called THINX are changing the lives of women around the world.

The leak and stain resistant underwear were designed as a backup to pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and other period products. They may also be worn instead of other products on lighter days.

Not only are THINX panties disrupting the feminine hygiene market, they’s also helping women in the third world. Every time someone buys a pair of THINX, a donation is made to AFRIPads, which hires and trains women in Uganda to sew and sell reusable cloth pads to women in their community.

THINX were also designed by women (in NYC) and they’re made by women at a family-run factory in Sri Lanka.

Their mission: To help create a sustainable ecosystem for women around the globe.

THINX are also good for the environment! Every time a woman wears them instead of using tampons or pads, it means less waste in landfills.

Find out more about these powerful panties at

Melissa Dahlke

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