6 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Argue with Bae

Couple in a Fight

When the not-so-fun aspects of a relationship start developing, couples panic. Bad habits, unexpected secrets, and arguments tend to cause the most drama. However, arguing is one of the biggest hurdles every couple has to endure. But did you know that disagreeing every once in a while is actually healthy for your relationship? Here are a few reasons why it’s good to get worked up and hash it all out.

  1. It Allows You to Express Yourself

Maybe you’re more reserved and only open up when you’re upset. People have different personality types and arguments tend to bring out people’s true colors. This isn’t a bad thing; it enables your partner to see what you’re really passionate about and what pushes your buttons.

  1. It Strengthens Your Debate Skills

When someone gets all worked up, their body language becomes more pronounced. They tend to talk with their hands, make faces, and stomp around. In an argument, one person is on the offense and the other is on the defense. People tend to tune into their inner lawyer when they’re upset and this can help you learn how to read your partner’s body language and voice cues.

  1. You Learn How to Resolve Problems

Disagreements are a normal part of life. Two people can’t possibly live in perfect harmony forever. The point of the argument is to address and then resolve an issue that is plaguing your relationship. After yelling, you two should come up with a clear cut resolution to the problem.

  1. It Teaches You How to Compromise

Once the two of you have found a “fix”, someone has to bend and work to make the other happy. Compromise is one of the most important things you can do in your relationship. It teaches you how to be more empathetic to your partner’s feelings. Seeing your partner upset should strike a chord. If it does, you’ll be more determined to settle your conflicts.

  1. It Helps You See Things From A Different Perspective

Getting your partner to finally open up will do wonders for your own self awareness. Arguing enables you to consider other viewpoints you weren’t aware of before. Sometimes your partner might get upset at things that you think are perfectly normal, and not worthy of a freakout. Once you learn to think outside of yourself, you become more well-rounded. Compassion will help you to understand your babe better and bring the two of you closer together.

  1. It’s Fun to Make Up

Who wants to argue forever? When you’re drunk in love, even the nastiest spats can turn into the sweetest love affair. Everybody loves makeup sex and it’s definitely the perfect antidote for any dispute. Passionate love making is a great motivator for bumping heads.


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