A Planner for Your Passion

For many people, the end of school marks the end of “reaching for the stars,” and all the other cliches that teachers tell young adults. Once graduation day has come and gone, it seems there’s a loss of inspiration; a loss of motivation. There’s no more home work, no need for studying, and less desire to plan for upcoming goals. I started thinking about this idea of adulthood more and more after I graduated college. We’re not really obligated to continue learning after we graduate. We have free reign to do absolutely nothing (if that’s what we desire). We are content with working full-time, mediocre jobs, renting a somewhat nice condo, tuning into Netflix on the weekends, and maybe hanging out with an actual human-being every now and then.

Welcome to the Creative Club

Like many creative people, I am a person who’s stimulated by learning new skills, forming innovative ideas, and absorbing everyday-life-knowledge. After college, I felt I was missing something; some part of me that yearned to scratch out a completed task, plan for an upcoming paper, or study in a dim-lit coffee shop. So I asked myself,

“Why does this feeling have to go away? Why can’t I always keep this zealous wonder for life?”

I finally concluded that… it doesn’t. I can, and always will be a student first. Students have one passion, above all else: an unwavering love of learning. During, and especially after college, I began investing myself – researching what I loved learning the most: writing. After this realization, I became overwhelmed with goals and ” the pressure” of keeping track of my creative goals and tasks. Finally, my inner-self grabbed hold of me, as she always does.

“If you want to be a writer you better get to writing, and if you want to be in ‘The New Yorker’ you better get your plans in order.”

So I thought, it’s time to search for the “perfect” planner. I had been on the hunt for about two years, before I stumbled across the Passion Planner on Alex Elle’s instagram. Alex Elle is a writer and creative artist. Most of the items she posts are created by young entrepreneurs like herself, and almost all the products have a holistic flair about them, which I love. Needless to say, when I discovered the planner, I knew I’d struck gold. I started researching the Passion Planner and instantly fell in love. Already, it felt more personable than anything I’d tried before, and it was completely specific to my rhythm as a creative person.

In the past when I purchased a planner I would feel intimidated by the bleak and empty feeling of the calendar spaces and to-do lists. You know the feeling, when the page just sort of looks up at you like, “…go.” That feeling of intimidation never quite settled well with me and I would sort of lose focus of why I purchased the planner in the first place; to relieve stress, not build upon it.

Transformation of the Imagination

The Passion Planner has helped me to not only organize and prioritize my goals, but to let go. I can relax knowing that I’ve put in the work. I can find solace in the blessings I receive, because I’ve dedicated my time to strategizing and striving for my goals.

I am a person who once obsessed over to-do lists and scheduling appointments, because I felt like I had to carry my life’s agenda around in my head, all the time. I didn’t stop worrying about the future, until I purchased this planner. It helps me see that I actually get A LOT of things done on a day-to-day basis. Now I don’t have to deal with all that anxiety and information cramming my brain, because I know my personal and creative thoughts are stored away safe and sound.

Organize Your Creativity

  • Weekly inspirational quotes
  • Monthly reflection questions
  • Prepare personal/work to-do lists
  • Open space to doodle or brainstorm
  • Pocket to hold important docs or info
  • Daily schedule for activities/appointments
  • Space to plan for short and long term goals
  • Several extra pages to journal or keep track of expenses

As if the Passion Planner isn’t awesome on its own, it’s even more inspiring that a young woman, named Angelia Trinidad, created this motivational masterpiece. After worrying too much about the past and future, she sampled many different planners to find the perfect one, but none satisfied her. So, yes! She created her very own!

I mean, seriously, the woman is something like a bad-ass. She personalized every inch of this planner, so much that I feel like she had me in mind when she made it. The planner is absolutely perfect – a place to plan my creative happenings, reflect on myself, and on my journey. I am forever grateful to Angelia Trinidad and her commitment to share the vision.

Jasmine Simone

jasmine simone is a freelance writer, born and raised in dallas, tx. She graduated from the university of north texas with a B.A. in English / creative writing and a certificate in technical writing. her topics of interest include: millennials, women authors, the arts/humanities, and psychology. “the beast who treads the earth at night” is her first work of published poetry and is available on amazon. she is currently working on her first short story.

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