My Secret Struggle With Skin & How to End Your Own

Acne at age seven? Been there. My personal struggle with skincare has been never ending since second grade, and even after years of experimenting with a combination of facial washes, toners, creams, masks, and physical medication, I still have a less-than-ideal complexion. Along the way, there are little things that have helped improve the acne-infested state of my skin, and with each small triumph there’s usually a setback; but my hope is that these tips help improve your complexion, as well.

One thing that I learned very recently is to make sure that all of the sheets and pillowcases on my bed are clean. Stuffed animals, blankets, anything you use. I throw everything in the wash once a week, and switch pillowcase sides every single night, using a few cases a week. Think about it; when you lay down at night on the same pillowcase, your face is pressing up against any dirt or oil that was on you for hours. It’s going to make your face pretty grimy, as well as clog up your pores. Cleanliness is key, and I’ve seen a massive difference in my complexion since adding this into my weekly routine.

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Another thing I quickly realized was that touching my face constantly, whether it just be by habit or leaning on my face while in a certain position, wasn’t helping much. Makeup on or not, I noticed a massive difference when I kept my face clear of both hands and hair. It seems like such a mundane habit change, but doing this helps keep both dirt and oils out of your pores, and off your skin in general. Trust me, it really does wonders.

I used to drink a ton of soda. I cut back quite a bit, just to see if it would start some kind of change. It did. I only drink diet soda, which is filled with all kinds of fake sugars and chemicals. That stuff can’t be good for you, and cutting down to one bottle every three days seemed to clear up my skin. I set out to eliminate some other sugars in my diet, as well. The amount of much sugar I was eating was a big issue that played into my breakputs. Replacing sugary snacks, drinks, and candy with a lot of water and better food proved helpful. I still eat junk food, but it’s just not in an excessive amount.

The biggest change was trying to find some sort of physical solution instead of topical creams, cleansers, or toners. I’ve tried at least 75% of all the products on the shelves at local pharmacies, as well as about 10-12 different dermatologist-prescribed vitamins, antibiotics, and cream combinations. Very recently, I decided to try a very simple solution. I took a cotton ball, put some steaming hot water on it, and pressed it against all the zits on my face for about 10 seconds. Sure enough, in combination with my other lifestyle changes, it immediately opened up the pores to clean out my skin. All of the broken out areas on my face were much smaller and less red the next morning, Now, every night, I take a few cotton balls and do this routine, to keep my pores open so my skin can heal.

Acne is typically a long-term struggle for most. It’s frustrating, disappointing, and an absolute confidence crusher. Yet, when you take the time to experiment with what works best for you, all of the trial and error proves to be worth it.

Hope Vista

Hope Vista is East Coast's resident wild girl, taking the music industry by storm as a vocalist, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, philanthropist, aspiring style icon, and published blogger/writer. She is a Dr. Pepper-loving, Backstreet Boys fangirl-ing, all-black wearing, American paradigm; and one of the last rock-oriented females standing. Alongside her flourishing music career, she also has her Bachelor's Degree in Writing, with writing credits such as College Candy, HerCampus, and Haulix under her belt.