Celebrating Everyday

There’s always a warm touch in the air, post-Halloween, as everyone begins putting up their Christmas reefs and holiday decorations. The foliage changes from greens to yellows, and deep reds. It’s holiday season and we sense it all over, almost instinctually. We feel the natural transition from Summer, a season of beauty, to Autumn, a season of re-building and growth.

I love the feeling of going to the grocery store and smelling pumpkin spice bread or hearing Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas,” while standing in line to check-out. I love the adorable bows, the dazzling wrapping paper, and the smell of gingerbread candles. I love the smell of Thanksgiving dinner coming into fruition. I love the way lights outline houses, like platinum halos. Everything just feels better during the holidays. I love it all. But, I designate a couple of ways to celebrate everyday, as if it’s the holidays. Here are some tips, to feeling thankful and jolly all year round.

Ways to Celebrate Everyday

  1. Keep a journal of appreciation of sacred things you appreciate and keep up with it because gratitude is the secret to peace.
  2. Cook dinner with loved ones more often than not – doesn’t matter if it’s every other weekend or a few times a year. Make an attempt to intimately bond with your circle, over good food and drinks. Remember, loved ones can include friends as well as family. Sometimes we feel that we “have” to celebrate with family because of the tradition set out before us, but relationships are intimate and sacred, so choose your company wisely.
  3. Listen to music everyday. I have a billion playlists that I create for different energies. For example, I have an Inspirational playlist filled with jams by India Arie and Erykah Badu. That playlist always fills me with calm. But I have a playlist, titled Bass for all my dance songs, from Drake to Junglepussy. Find a song, an album, or a playlist that will lift your spirits (even if they’re already high), and make you dance.

“All is ephemeral…,”

Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius once said, “All is ephemeral,” which simply means, all things are temporary, therefore the present moment is the peak of life. Celebrating the present moment should be a permanent custom of our day-to-day lives, not a facade of what we think is genuine love and gratitude. My hope is that we find a peaceful medium where we can flow with the present, instead of being constantly distracted by actions of our past or future intentions.

So as Allen Stone would say, “Just celebrate tonight…”

Jasmine Simone

jasmine simone is a freelance writer, born and raised in dallas, tx. She graduated from the university of north texas with a B.A. in English / creative writing and a certificate in technical writing. her topics of interest include: millennials, women authors, the arts/humanities, and psychology. “the beast who treads the earth at night” is her first work of published poetry and is available on amazon. she is currently working on her first short story.

  • Natasha Jordan

    I absolutely love this piece! So heart warming! Keep up the good work!!