The Implosion Of Donald Trump From A Muslim Woman’s Perspective

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The Trump Circus

The Presidential Election in 2016 is a surrealistic quagmire that Salvador Dali would be scratching his head over. A reality TV personality gets the Republican nomination over a legacy nominee like Jeb Bush all while unapologetically making racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic comments throughout his campaign. From a Muslim woman’s perspective, the implosion of Donald Trump is affirming. Still, the meteoric ascendancy of Donald Trump despite his divisiveness is one of the lowlights of this election and an unflattering portrait of American sensibilities. However, in the past few weeks, he has been spiraling as Americans are finally realizing their futures are truly at risk in the hands of someone who is thin-skinned, hateful, and uninformed.

For me, the beginnings of the implosion started when he attacked a Gold Star mother during an interview with George Stephanopolous. Many Republicans denounced his statements including South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham who said, “Unacceptable doesn’t begin to describe it.” This defense of a Muslim woman came from a man who a little over a year ago defended the Confederate flag.

Trump made matters worse for himself when he claimed that his “sacrifice” of job creation was comparable to the sacrifice of a Gold Star family member. Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America called this statement, “insulting, foolish and ignorant.” At bare minimum, Trump could have stayed quiet after Khizr Khan’s speech. Instead of dignified silence he chose attack. The potential commander-in-chief couldn’t even show compassion; his most basic duty in that role.

Trump immersed himself further into the quicksand when discussing Russia and the Ukraine, adamantly asserting Russia will not go into Ukraine. Stephanopoulous gently reminded him they already had. He already encouraged Russia to seek Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails, thereby inviting them to seek sensitive information about his opponent. He constantly highlights his ineptitude with foreign policy.

Unsurprisingly, 50 former security officials in Republican administrations didn’t miss his smoking gun of ignorance. They directly stated they were “convinced that he would be a dangerous president,” and that they would never vote for him. He proved how dangerous he was when he suggested that Second Amendment people could stop Clinton.

His most recent fiasco occurred when trying to seek black voters. His statement of “What do you have to lose?” was already inane. He then proceeds to propound the obtuseness by alleging that all blacks are poor, badly educated, and unemployed. Let’s not forget his attacks on Mexican Americans, including a judge presiding over one of his many fraud cases. In what world do you continuously insult the two largest minority groups in the country and still hope to win?

This gradual implosion and Trump’s rise in general reminds all of us from marginalized groups that we still have work to do. We must continue to educate and empower ourselves, as well as our fellow citizens. Meanwhile, I will continue to watch the shooting star known as “The Donald” collapse and tumble to earth.'

Sameena Mughal

Sameena K. Mughal is an author, blogger, and educator living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who is passionate about literature. Her debut novel, Shaherazade's Daughters was a feminist homage to the classic 10001 Arabian Nights. Her second book, The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo follows the adventures of eccentric scientists who, ironically, are too forward- thinking for a time that is known for its forward- thinking, the Golden Age of Islam. She also writes sociopolitical commentary on her Behind and Beyond the Veil at

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