Hillary Clinton: Sexism On The Campaign Trail


Hillary Clinton made history becoming the first female nominee of a major US political party…

The sexism she has endured during her campaign has become increasingly evident as we move closer to the election. Hillary gets criticized for the clothes she wears, for the way she looks and speaks, and even for her husband’s affair.

Hillary constantly gets attacked for her appearance on the campaign trail. She has been mocked for her pantsuits in the past. She has recently reclaimed the pantsuit narrative calling herself a “pantsuit aficionado” in her Facebook bio. She was recently chastised for wearing an expensive Armani jacket to the speech she gave after becoming the democratic nominee. Men in the same position rarely get targeted for the way they dress. Presidential candidates should be judged based on their political platform; not their sense of style.

Over and over again Hillary is mocked for her voice, her female voice. She has received comments that her voice is screechy and loud. Brit Hume, political analyst, tweeted, “Hillary having a big night in the primaries. So she’s shouting angrily in her victory speech. Supporters loving it. What’s she mad at?” A woman who speaks loudly and confidently is viewed as angry because of the sexist thought that women are supposed to be soft-spoken and demure. This outdated assumption that outspoken women are angry can be a reminder of an America before women had the right to vote.

The sexist notion that the only reason a woman would vote for Hillary is because of shared anatomy is one that is incredibly insulting to all women. When Bernie Sanders was still campaigning, famous actress Susan Sarandon endorsed him on twitter, tweeting she doesn’t “vote with her vagina.” This notion suggests that women vote with their vaginas rather than their brains.

There was plenty of gender based anti-Hillary rhetoric at this year’s RNC. A popular slogan on many t-shirts and buttons sold outside the convention was, “Life is a b*tch, don’t vote for one.” BuzzFeed was at the convention and asked a number of republican supporters to draw their view of Hillary Clinton. One drawing was of Hillary in a pantsuit with “get a stylist” written underneath. A lot of the drawings included Monica Lewinsky performing sexual acts on former president and husband of Hillary, Bill Clinton. Many compared Hillary to the devil or to a witch. Terms usually only used to insult women, like witch and b*tch, is gendered name calling. This sort of sexism was prominent at the convention and is prominent in the rhetoric of the current Republican Party.

It’s frustrating to witness a woman running for the highest political position in the US still being judged based on sexist notions rather than her ideals.



Jackie Brettschneider

Freelance Writer

Jackie is a New York based writer with a degree in Anthropology from Rutgers University. She is a proud feminist who hopes to empower others through her writing. Blog: jackiebrettsblog.wordpress.com