Surviving The Kokomo Storm


There are very few things in this world that I am afraid of and a tornado used to NOT be one of them… until about 4 weeks ago.  When God decides to send you a tornado… Watch out!

I live in Kokomo, Indiana and for those of you who haven’t heard or seen the news on August 24th, Kokomo had an EF3 tornado descend upon us. The NWS (National Weather Service) said in all there were 10 funnel clouds and 8 tornadoes, 4 of which touched down in Kokomo. One of those tornadoes was an EF3 with hurricane force winds of 165 mph.

I drove home from BSU (Ball State University) early that morning on August 24th around 7am. Something was telling me that I had to get home. Call it intuition, sixth sense, etc. I just knew I had to get home.

You could tell there was something stirring in the air. It was quiet… almost too quiet as they say in horror movies right before the main character encounters the monster. The air was still, barely a breeze and the sky was gray. Nothing ominous yet, but you could feel something was going to happen. It was just a matter of time.

Around 2pm the storm moved in, the rain came down in sheets, the thunder fierce and the lightning came in through the windows as if there were no windows. The storm began to grow with power and intensity.

At 2:30pm my mom’s phone began giving us weather alerts that there was a tornado warning in our area and to take shelter immediately. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the warnings seriously until it was almost too late. We found the radio and turned it on to hear the crewman saying, “If you can hear my voice, you need to take shelter NOW! There is a tornado on the ground and it is moving towards…” At that point we lost power and the tornado was nearly upon us.

We hustled ourselves and our two dogs into the closet in my mom’s room because it was the most interior room in the whole house. She shut the door and within minutes it hit. You know how people say when they go through a tornado that they can feel the air pressure change and hear the roar of the tornado as it comes towards them? It’s true.

The air pressure began to drop and I thought my ears were going to explode. I could feel the ground vibrating beneath my feet as it came closer, I barely was able to hear anything. Then there was a loud bang as something hit the house and glass exploded in the other room. The pressure was released and the wind howled outside. In its wake was a path of destruction and a different world.

Homes were destroyed and many residents no longer have homes, but thankfully no one was seriously injured or killed that day. Everyone is still recovering, but it’s just a matter of time until life goes back to normal for Kokomo.

Check out these videos of the tornado:


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