Human Trafficking: Vietnam Fights Back

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible violation of human rights all over the world. Vietnam has been working with the international community to prevent and fight against it.

As part of an ongoing session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Vietnam, it is collaborating with the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany and the United States.

The goal is educating women and girls about this crime. This is one of Vietnam’s initiatives following almost a decade of resolution on human rights education.

Women and girls are the primary victims of human trafficking.  According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, the average age is 13 years old. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of cases rose by almost 12 percent.

Advocacy groups say victims are increasingly being lured on social media. Known as modern-day slavery, it is the notion that one person’s life can be under the control of another.

One of the elements to preventing human trafficking is equipping women and girls with the means to protect themselves and the skills to being financially independent.

Generated by the Vietnam Women’s Union, the House of Peace model provides shelter, physical and psychological care, and support to rescued victims to help them resume a normal life.

Vietnam has introduced human rights education into curriculum, media, and community activities. Preventing and combating human trafficking has been an important part of their fight against this crime.  They have established a permanent agency tasked with prosecuting and punishing human trafficking crimes.

Vietnam’s social organizations and local communities are actively involved in helping victims and combining assistance. In addition, more of these types of services are establishing.

Southeast Asia ranks among the world’s worst regions for human trafficking, which is accounting for a third of all the women and girls trafficked worldwide.

The Vietnamese government says, “A criminal need exists to increase availability of statistics on this illegal phenomenon.”

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