3 Podcasts That Will Get You Through This Election


For a media source that started in the early 2000’s, it’s hard to think that Podcasts are only becoming popular in the past couple of years.

Now, Podcasts have been my saving grace for this 2016 election. Granted I still watch the occasional hour or three of CNN, but I don’t have time to watch news that hinges on how entertaining it is in our busy lives, when we are driving to work in our cars, this is a good way to spend our time and keep up with an election that feels like there is a headline. Now with election day fast approaching it is never too late to find a new way to start getting your news.

Keepin’ It 1600


Keepin’ It 1600 is a twice weekly podcast hosted by four friends and former aides to President Obama. This has become my favorite podcast, political or otherwise, and I devoured the episodes pretty quickly after downloading it during primaries. If you are looking for a podcast that is more a conversation you might have with friends, but also has great insights on what it’s like on the campaign trail or that week’s newest headline and an added bonus of an occasional rant about Reince Priebus, look no further.

Listen Here: Keepin’ It 1600, Soundcloud, Itunes, Stitcher

NPR Politics Podcast


NPR Politics Podcast is the podcast that I listen to like you would watch the morning news each morning (they are doing daily podcasts until the end of the election). With a pool of NPR journalists as the hosts and content running from discussing big stories of the day/ week, listener questions that can shed light on some of the more obscure or interesting aspects of politics, to one off topic or event driven episodes (Like when NPR broke the Anita Hill Story.  That is a very good episode). Starting the morning with a “Hey Y’all” before going straight into the news makes this a fun and great podcast to have with your morning coffee.

Listen Here: NPR Politics, Itunes, Stitcher

FiveThirtyEight Elections


Before this election would I have thought that FiveThirtyEight would be a site I would be frequenting the most? No, not at all. But panic makes us check polls in the A.M. right next to our Twitter Feeds and email; welcome to the 2016 Presidential Election! Model Talk episodes were helpful in understanding polling and the science behind it and like NPR daily podcasts till the end of the election.

Listen Here: FiveThirtyEight, Itunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher

Elizabeth Crook

Beth Crook is a freelance photographer and writer who splits her time between Tacoma, WA and the internet. If not on assignment or writing from a cluttered desk at home, you can finder her trying to get into the latest concert, stalking Instagram for cute dogs, or trying to master the perfect cup of coffee.