Post Election Doesn’t Have Me Excited That it’s Finally Over

post election

I wish I were writing this with a different mindset. A mindset that was hopeful for a future that could have built upon the policies made in the last eight years and made clear that we didn’t allow misogyny, racism, bigotry, to win.

CNN exit poll 2016
CNN exit poll 2016

After the shock and heartbreak following Tuesday’s results, this exit poll popped up on my Twitter feed Wednesday morning which left me overwhelmingly embarrassed. Over 50% of white women voted for Trump and his campaign rhetoric that put hate and racism at the forefront. Blaming the election results solely on white men, third-party and protest voters, those that didn’t show up to vote, but not including white women in that lineup, is wrong and unfair. Everyone else did their job, except for us.

Tuesday had me hoping that we could once again elect a candidate that first and foremost spoke on a platform of inclusion and continued progress, no matter race, religion, gender, or sexuality. However, even if Hillary did win that doesn’t erase what we’ve always known, that we are still a country where racism is still front and center with sexism firmly planted beside it. Twenty-four hours later I hope this election brings more voices, more discussion, and more listening and that we will continue to challenge racism and sexism (including internalized misogyny) to learn, grow, and maybe one day become a country that is inclusive for everyone because right now a lot of people are rightfully feeling left out and afraid. I’ll be thinking a lot about the comments that Van Jones made on election night as well as Sarah Ruiz-Grossman’s article “Dear Fellow White Women: We F’ed this Up” including this:


I’ll end this with some good news. Down-ballot races are giving some of us hope that we’ll be seeing more women in Congress, especially women of color. Iraq War Vet and now Senator Tammy Duckworth (D.-IL) will be the second Asian-American woman sworn into the Senate, Pramila Jayapal (D.-WA) will be the first Indian-American in the House, former CA Attorney General Kamala Harris (D.-CA) was elected to the Senate and will be the second Black woman and first Indian-American woman to be voted in, and many more women with platforms supporting women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, gun legislation, affordable education, and much more. Glamour has a rundown that includes each woman’s impressive platforms to hopefully help you rest a little easier in the days and weeks to come.

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