IBWPPI: Building A Better Future For Black Women Worldwide


It is clear that Black women’s work and voices are instrumental in a variety of platforms.

They help shape current social movements and have emerged as the most educated group in the United States. Enter, IBWPPI.

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) is a nonprofit organization led by 18 inter-generational women leaders representing the interests of women.  Each year, they seek to expand the representation by convening in a different country each March. This year, their meeting took place in the Bahamas.

The women of IBWPPI believe that gender and cultural diplomacy are pathways to building bridges to a greater understanding, as well as world peace. They also believe that geography doesn’t separate the desire and determination to see families thrive and have fair and equal opportunities for a decent quality of life.

Women are leading the movement towards better environments for education, health and wellness, economic security and safety for women in the U.S. and abroad.  Inspired by the legacy of Dr. Dorothy Height, the founders made a decision to work with and on behalf of women around the world. Barbara A. Perkins and Ka Flewellen launched the IBWPPI in 2009.

“Our vision to connect and advocate for Black women and girls globally through acts of kindness and public policy is simple, yet bold and compelling.”

As the country continues to rebuild and recover after Hurricane Matthew, the IBWPPI is launching their “Boots on the Ground” initiative.  The targeted effort aims to provide 1,000 pairs of work boots and rain boots to volunteers on the ground in Haiti, as well as additional support.

President Barbara Perkins says the idea for the initiative was conceived after she traveled there and saw firsthand how necessary it was that volunteers have proper footwear.

We celebrate the organization’s efforts and wish them strength as they continue on.


Archuleta Chisolm

Senior Writer

Archuleta is a brave soul without wings. She is a self-published author of three books, poet, freelancer, speaker, pen junkie, and U.S. Army veteran. She has a passion for encouraging women to be the best version of themselves. Made in Kansas City, Living in Houston.