Women Are Donating To Planned Parenthood In Honor Of Mike Pence

mike pence

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose right to reproductive health care might get cut back.

This is basically what vice-president elect Mike Pence, noted hater of Planned Parenthood, is going to realize when the governor’s office in Indiana receives more than 40,000 (and still growing) donation notifications from the organization. If you’re wondering why some people are donating in his honor let’s run down a couple of the worst offenses that this former Governor of Indiana has supported, which are all equally terrible.

He claimed that the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funding for abortions to only be used for cases of rape, incest, or threats on a woman’s life, wasn’t strict enough. Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights advocates have been trying to repeal the amendments on account that, abortion care should be available to all not just those who can afford it. This makes the Hyde Amendment impact low-income women the most. In relation Pence co-sponsored a bill that would only allow federal funds for abortion be used if a rape was proven to be “forced”. Luckily, it didn’t pass.

Pence has signed eight anti-abortions bills (in less than four years) and Indiana legislation passed one that was deemed the “most extreme anti-abortion bill in the country” even by those that are pro-life. The bill, HB-1337, bans women from seeking abortions based on any lethal fetal anomalies, prohibits the transfer of fetal tissue even donations, and women who receive an abortion must also pay for the burial and/or cremation of the fetus. If you’re thinking could this get any worse, the law also mandates women receive an ultrasound to listen to the heartbeat and then have an 18 hour waiting period before an abortion. Like most strict abortion laws HB-1337 uses intimidation to turn women away from seeking abortions whether that is financially, psychologically, or both.

Indiana has made good use of TRAP Laws or Targeted Regulation on Abortion Providers. Of the 92 counties in the state only four have abortion facilities. President-Elect Trump in his 60 Minutes interview after the election stated that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion would go back to the states, and that in some cases women would just have to drive long distances or to other states all together. Because of TRAP laws this is the case for a lot of women seeking abortions in states with strict abortion laws. In most cases the financial burden of having to drive or travel long distances is too much of a burden on top of the medical cost.

Since the end of the election 200,000 donations have been made to Planned Parenthood and donations are always welcome, in honor of Pence or not. Other reproductive rights organizations that could use donations include, NARAL, Center for Reproductive Rights, National Organization for Women, as well as local women’s and reproductive rights organizations in your area.

Elizabeth Crook

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