The Williams Sisters Lost Their Chances At Olympic Gold

williams sisters

Don’t feel too bad for them though; the Williams sisters have won gold in the past.

It was a rough run for both Serena and Venus Williams at this year’s 2016 Rio Olympics.  Of course, these women, famed for being some of the best tennis players of all time (especially Serena), were some of the favorites to win in their tennis matches.  However, things started off extremely rocky for the sisters when they lost this year in doubles tennis right off that bat.  Perhaps more shocking than thinking they would lose was when they actually lost.  It was a first round defeat against the Czech doubles team, Lucie Šafářová and Barbora Strýcová.  That pair would go on to win the bronze.

Things only got worse when Serena Williams, who played in singles, was knocked out of the Olympics in round three of her singles event.  Serena lost to Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina, who told NBC that she could not believe that she managed to defeat Serena Williams.  Svitolina said that she had mixed feelings about the match, and that she was really trying to focus because she knew and respected how talented Williams was in her craft.

Venus Williams was fortunate enough to come home with a medal, unlike her sister.  Though the LA Times calls it “falling short” to win a silver rather than her projected gold, winning a medal at all in the Olympics is still quite the triumph for any athlete, even if they had done better in the past.  Venus won her silver medal in mixed doubles, alongside American partner Rajeev Ram.  They lost the gold to Americans Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock.

Both Serena and Venus Williams had won gold medals in the Olympics in the past, however.  They won the women’s doubles gold in 2008 in Beijing, and the also won gold in the 2012 Olympics in London.  However, this might have been their last chance to take home gold from the Olympics, as there is some speculation that the girls may be ending their careers in the not-to-distant future.  According to SBNation’s James Brady, Venus will be 40 and Serena will be 38 when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally round the corner.

Regardless, Serena and Venus Williams have managed to make out wonderful careers in the sports world.  They might not have reached their goals this year in the Rio Olympics, but this by no means defines their respective careers.



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