#SportBits … My Top 5 Rio Memes

Rio Memes

Like any major sporting event these days the Olympic Games in Rio were a magnet for social media memes.

How could they not be with so many noteworthy performances and interesting storylines. So while the athletes were busy in competition in Brazil, the fans at home were in competition to see who could come up with the best memes…and the competition was fierce! Here are my 5 favorite Rio memes:

#5 Cupping: If you didn’t know what it was before Rio, you do now. And seeing Michael Phelps’ welted back triggered for many the visual of the Donald Trump supporter who recently scaled Trump Tower with his suction cups on his way to meet the candidate. Perfection!



#4 The Bored Lifeguard#EasiestJob Ever: So, you’re a lifeguard at a competition with the WORLD’S BEST SWIMMERS, of course you’re is going to be supremely bored. #Duh





#3 The Diving Runner: American favorite Allyson Felix’s dream of winning the 400-m dash was crushed when Bahamian sprinter Shaunae Miller, literally threw herself over the finish line.




#2 Usain Bolt Smiling: Dude is so damn good and confident that he has the time and the wherewithal to smile at the cameras as he crosses the finish line. #SMH





#1 #PhelpsFace or #DarthPhelps : THE BEST!! In the waiting area before his 200-m butterfly semi-final race, Phelps was not having any of rival Chad Le Clos pre-race shenanigans. His face says it all. It was a little bit scary and a lot badass. The Internet exploded!




Phelps2 @AJVoelpelCG


OK, so those are my favs. How about yours? Before I let you go, I need to give a shoutout to the one that started it all, original meme-ster: American gymnast McKayla Maroney. After finishing second in the individual vault at the London Olympics, Maroney let her infamous “I’m not impressed”  face rip on the podium and meme-ing hasn’t been the same since! I think the Olympic meme-torch has been passed:

Maroney1  ~> ~> ~> ~> ~> phelpsface-614x412
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M. Coyne

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