#OlympicRecap: Women’s Rugby Made Its Olympic Debut

women's rugby

And it was a crazy sport…

The 2016 Rio Olympics has been one of many firsts, and one of those was the introduction of Women’s Rugby.  Rugby has had an interesting history with the Olympics.  Interestingly enough, the sport was last played in the Olympics in 1924 before making its return this year in 2016.  Rugby has, actually, only been played in the Olympics a total of five times: in 1900, 1908, 1920, 1924, and finally in 2016.  This year, not only was there Men’s Rugby (in which Fiji made history, gaining its first Olympic medal in any sport), but Women’s Rugby was played for the first time in history, with 12 nations being included in the tournament.  The sport will appear once again in the 2020 Olympics which will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

The finals of the tournament took place on August 8th, only two days after the Olympic games had begun.  In the Gold medal game, the teams from Australia and New Zealand played one another, with Australia finding its way to the top.  The final score of the game was 24-17.  In the Bronze medal game, it was Canada versus Great Britain, and Canada won that game with an ending score of 33-10.  The US team was placed in fifth.

Shannon Parry, the co-captain of the Australian Women’s Rugby team, spoke a little about her history with the sport.  She said: When I started the game, women’s rugby in Australia wasn’t very big, it was very much a minority sport.  To think, eight years down the track, I’m an Olympian, I play rugby as a full-time job.  I just think how far the game has gone.” 

Rugby isn’t exactly the most popular sport in the world nowadays, but it has had a rich history.  Rugby became popular throughout the UK way back in the 1830s, and was introduced to the summer Olympics by the man credited with reviving the Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin.  Many people have fought over the years to have the sport return to the Olympics after having been dropped so many times, and back in 2009, the decision was made to allow rugby back into the Olympics for the 2016 games.

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  • Mary C.

    I didn’t see it Mariah! I wish I could have caught some of it. Love how the US Women won so many medals!!

    • Mariah

      That’s too bad. It’s a very weird mix of both American and International Football, which I wasn’t aware of beforehand. I knew Rugby was a lot of inspiration for American Football, but there were a lot of similarities, I realized, as I watched.

      The US did win a lot! Not in Rugby, but hey, maybe in 2020!